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Green Smart Living, Apollo Ecig, Green Smoke: The Best Battery Performance

Apollo, Green Smart Living and Green Smoke are some of the established names in the field of electronic cigarettes. In the e-cigs market they have received many reviews because of their commendable product lines. There are other types of electronic cigarettes in the market. However, there are a very few e-cigs which are featured with all necessary features and accessories. Apollo, Green Smart Living and Green Smoke stand out by meeting a maximum number of features for the consumers. Battery performance is one of the key factors that customers get to consider when making a choice of brand.

Green Smart Living Battery Review (Coupon here)

Being a portable electronic device, the e-cigarettes need to have a better long performing battery for one to enjoy the vaping experience. Green Smart Living e-cigs offer the most cost effective and powerful lithium-polymer batteries which when fully charged will run for 3 hours and you enjoying vaping of over 300 puffs. Green Smart Living accessories come with a rechargeable battery both by USB on the laptop or the ordinary wall charger.

Green Smoke Battery Review (Coupon here)

Green Smoke have the KR808D model batteries with an option of 160mAh (Short battery) and the 270mAh (Longer battery). When fully charged the shorter battery will give you a vaping experience for 200 puffs that is about 2 hours of use, the longer battery shall produce between 250-300 smokes for roughly 3 hours. Considering the size of the batteries the performance is satisfactory. The battery switch is very sensitive, hence it is activated at the slightest strike and they absorb shock when dropped very well. The downside of the batteries is that they use KR808D D2 cartomizer model instead of D1 model that is popular with manufacturers, this is a tact used to keep customer loyalty for their products and they do not come in manual type. Their promo discount codes offers 10-15% OFF All Items, 10% OFF all orders over $100, 5% off all orders under $100

Apollo E-Cigarettes Battery Review (Coupon here)

Apollo is a brand that boasts of being launched by a group of technician and chemists to underline the quality of their products. The superior eGo kit e-cigarettes have bigger and powerful batteries with bigger tanks too for those who would want to enjoy a thicker and longer vaping experience. The Apollo Vtube Kit comes with a very powerful battery at 3000mAh which produce a thick vapor and great throat hit for both starters the experienced smokers. Surprisingly they still use RN4081 model of battery which is not regarded as the latest upgrade in the e-cigarette market and you need to charge it at least once for a heavy smoker, but thanks to the PCC you can charge your battery while attending to other tasks and it comes with space for carrying extra batteries and cartomizers. They offer Promotional Discounts Coupons at 20% off all items and Off starter Kits

In general the performance of the batteries in any electrical device is a major factor in the choice of a specific brand. In this review Apollo stands out to have the best battery, closely followed by Green smoke and Green smart Living comes in third.

Switch To E-Cigarettes Today With These Top 3 Brands – V2 Cigs, Apollo Cigs and Halo Cigs

Health has always been the utmost importance for every individual. Nobody wants to get sick. For smokers, today is the perfect time to be more cautious about health conditions. Habit should not bring damage to physical well-being. Nicotine and combustion from traditional smoke affects the total well-being. Because people today are more aware about their conditions, manufacturers are developing a concept of harmless smoking. There are lots of electronic cigarettes selling on the internet right now, but giving the best ecig depends on your personal preferences. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of combination, styles and prices. This electronic cigarette review will help you pick the most suitable electronic cigarette for you, and how you can get most out of your device.

Top 1: V2 Cigs

Your discovery will not be complete if you haven’t heard V2 Cigs. You know that Apple and Samsung are the leading manufacturers of smartphones, same goes to V2. This type of electronic cigarette is known for its durable materials, speed, accuracy and outstanding performance. What makes it quality is the fact that it provides an ultimate experience of vaporing. Aside from its absolutely free from harmful substances and chemicals, you have the opportunity to choose a wide range of flavors. The starter kit is quite higher in price compared to other brands, but the whole thing is already in the case. Its accessories are available in great quantity and offer first-rate values and are worthy to use. The brand also concerned has successfully upgraded its flaws, and this approach has proved the effort of this e cig brand to win the heart of many smokers. Their batteries draws smooth and are quick hitters. Be it a park, restaurant or a shopping mall, you have the freedom to use V2 e cigs. Undoubtedly, V2 will get an A+ positive rating.

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Top 2: Apollo Cigs

As you explore, you will discover another brand that is worth dying for, and that is Apollo. Though this brand isn’t as popular as V2, it proves to deliver something special. While looks are just superficial, they are still important. As of Apollo, their design and packaging was just incredible. If you sit on a shelf,and you know nothing about these brands, you would definitely pick Apollo. The cigarettes have the same thickness in a normal cigarette but are longer. They look glamorous and elegant with a high-quality build. The portable charger is luxurious and nice. The LED is an indication of the battery life. Vapor is one of the strong points of these cigarettes. They worked up a huge cloud with little effort on delivering a satisfying white plume to inhale. What makes the designs brilliant is the air vents located at the base of the battery. On top of that, there are another four air vents on the cartomizer. The flavors decent and there is a wide variety of flavors.

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Top 3: Halo Cigs

American made Halo Cigs strives to provide the finest products through quality research, testing, development, and innovation. Halo is known to create and produce only the highest quality ingredients and this is something that users should embrace. Since it is an American made e-cigarette, the brand is expected to have an American taste. Halo Cigs is one of the best looking ecigs out there. It mimics the blue flame and also feels premium. It offers a total of 22 flavors which is too many. Halo Cigs are known for its Throat Hit which is the 2nd key component to an e-liquid. This does a great job of imitating without increasing the level of Nicotine.

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These three electronic cigarettes are the leading cigarettes of the industry. You are not expected to like what most people like because you always have the liberty to choose. But these three are worth considering.

Blu Cigs Coupon: How I Saved $5 Off Blu Starter Kits, Why Do I Want More?

Looking for e-cigarettes that look, taste and feel like normal cigarettes?

Call off the search. I found exactly the perfect e-cigarette for you!

Introducing Blu Cigs, a best-in-class e-cigarete brand that sets itself apart from other e-cigarette retailers with its impeccable design, as well as its commitment to quality and safety.

Here’s what you need to know about Blu Electronic Cigarettes:

Glowing Blue Tip

blucigscoupon 300x216 Blu Cigs Coupon: How I Saved $5 Off Blu Starter Kits, Why Do I Want More?Every blu Electronic Cigarette is designed with a signature blue LED light that glows with each puff, and will flash rapidly when your e-cig needs recharging.

Rechargeable Batteries

Their lithium-polymer batteries give you plenty of puffs before you need to recharge (sorta).

Built-in Atomizer

Built into the cartridge, every blu Electronic Cigarette comes with an atomizer that especially designed to give you maximum vapor.

 Superior Flavor Cartridges

Blu Cigs only uses smoke juice developed in the Wisconsin facilities of Johnson Creek. In addition, their smoke juice formula is made with US ingredients and is mixed by hand under stringent quality controls.

        Handy Size

Blu electronic cigarettes we’ve reviewed are about the same size as traditional cigarettes.

If you’re interested in purchasing a blu Electronic Cigarette for yourself, the Blu Cigs Starter Kit we reviewed is inclusive of the following parts and accessories:

·      2 Original or Premium Electronic Cigarette Batteries

·      1 High Strength Variety Pack (Contains 2 Classic Tobacco cartridges, 1 Cherry Crush cartridge, 1 Magnificent Menthol cartridge and 1 Java Jolt cartridge)

·      1 Portable Charger Case (Can hold up to 5 cartridges and can charge batteries on the go)

·      1 Wall Charger

·      1 USB Adapter

Don’t miss out on Blu Cigs Discounts:

Discounts and Coupon codes for blu cigs can be used when shopping online. I also found great prices for blu cigs at For more blu ecig coupon codes see our resources.

Defending V2 cigs In Common Misconceptions Against E-cigarettes

When someone express their disapproval about your electronic cigarettes what do you tell them? I’ve been a vaper for years now and I find it fun to be engage in a friendly debate with people who smokes traditional cigarettes. This is because I know for a fact that whatever negative things they say about electronic cigarettes, I can defend it. I know exactly how to defend V2 electronic cigarettes (the ecig brand I chose) and answer all their misconception about it. With the ecig industry gaining more and more exposure, it’s our role as a vaper to hold our own in a conversation with someone who may be less informed and educate them about Ecigs. To help you with that, here are some common objections about E-cigs and how we can defend them back. Read on.

Smoker says: “E-cigarettes are too bulky and complicated. I dont want to deal with all the different components of it”

You should say: Tell them that E-cigarettes are very easy to use. Or better yet show them. First off, electronic cigarettes are not bulky – well some of them are, some of them are not. Depending on the type you choose. Mini E-cigs brand like V2 cigs are very lightweight and really looks and feels like real cigarette. Next, E-cigs are not complicated. If you have a V2 cig disposable ecig or any other disposable ecigs, whip it out and simply start puffing in it. Show them that e-cigarettes have 2 parts. Simply screw the cartridges and batteries together and then start puffing again. They will realize that it’s even easier than smoking traditional cigarettes as one dont need to get their lighter and light it up. If you have a V2 cig rechargeable.

Smoker says: “You don’t know what’s in that.”

You sould say: Oh yes I do! Tell them that studies show that E-liquids only contain a mixture of water, FDA-approved propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, food-grade flavors and nicotine if you want to (you can choose nicotine strength of your E-liquid). Furthermore V2 cigs even provide a downloadable list of ingredients, right on their website. They are very transparent as they know, their E-cigarettes dont have any harmful substances in it.

Smoker says: That’s high-tech. That’s probably expensive

You should say: Oh no they’re not! They may be high-tech but they are surely not expensive. In fact, you can even cut your smoking cost to half just by switching to electronic cigarettes. Yes it may cost expensive on your first purchase because you’ll need to buy a starter kit. But after that, all you need to buy are V2 cigs E-liquid that cost around 60cents to refill your cartridges. Each v2 cigs cartridge is equivalent to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. So compare to $5 a pack of traditional cigarettes, 60cents is way more cheaper. Furthermore, V2 gives out a lot of options to let people save more money. They have V2 cigs coupon that can give instant discounts just by pasting the V2 cigs coupon codes before you checkout. They also have an affiliate reward system, storewide sale from time to time and a recycling system.

Related: just launched their newest product which is a 3 in 1 personal vaporizer (v2 pro series 3) that allows you to smoke loose leaf and more. Check it out as it’s introductory pricing is promotional until August 20, 2014.

We respect and understand that people are entitled to their own opinions. However, if you come across someone who are just wrong things about E-cigarettes, it is just right to educate them and give them your point of view. After saying what you want, it’s then up to them whether they will believe you and take action or they will not. That is not on our hands already.

Helpful Tips For Beginning Vapers Plus E-cig Coupons To Use

vaping tips Helpful Tips For Beginning Vapers Plus E cig Coupons To Use

So you’ve finally decided to quit smoking by switching to electronic cigarette but you are afraid because you dont know many things about E-cigarettes. Dont worry. Help is at hand. The e-cig industry may look too complicated to purchase from, but we are here to make life a lot easier for you. If you are just a beginner, here are some tips to make sure that you’ll get an awesome vaping experience. Read on.

Tip #1: Get more than one batteries
Having spare batteries is very important. You’ll never know when your battery is going to die down to you or lose it charge. I’ve seen so many vapers that switched back to E-cigarettes because for a while they crave nicotine and their E-cigarette batteries are already drain. So they settled with real cigarettes again and was hooked again. Two batteries will see you through – one battery will be on charge while you are using the second, but three or more batteries will be better for emergency instances. When it comes to batteries, V2 cigs have the most powerful batteries around when it comes to mini E-cigs type especially when they launched their new V2 Ex batteries series. You can get extra v2 cigs batteries at a discounted price using these V2 cigs coupon. When it comes to ego style, Vaporzone is the most powerful having a high voltaic battery that can have as much as 2000mAh power in it. Get 10% discount any Vaporzone batteries using this Vaporzone coupon code today.

Tip #2: Start with five flavor cartridge
Choose a starter kit that offers at least five flavor cartridges (if possible in a variety of flavors so you can try different flavors and choose which one is best for you). This is the perfect start. It doesn’t matter whether you refill yourself, buy new cartridges, or sign up to a delivery program, you will need five to begin with.

Tip #3: Have different charging options
It is very important to have different charging options. Of course one should not forget the typical wall charger. You will also need a USB charger if you are always in front of your computer. If you travel a lot, a car charger is also a must.  Some companies, such as Blu Cigs and V2 cigs, even offer a handy charging carry case. These kinds of chargers are perfect to have as you’ll get a pack that will protect and handle your E-cigarettes but also a charger that you can use while you are on the go. I’ve found Blu cigs pack so amazing, it can hold up to 5 flavor cartridge, 1 spare battery and 1 charging port. Get blu cigs pack at a discounted price using this Blu cigs coupon code we found.

Tip #4: Check out the warranty
Many E-cigarette brands offer a warranty and you should take advantage of it. Remember that you are expected to replace at least one of your batteries in the first six months (any electronic device wore out especially if you use it everyday) so make sure to get a longer warranty agreement. For example, V2 cigs offers a “Lifetime Warranty”. Note though that you should have made an order in the last 90 days to get this warranty. White Cloud only offers a six month warranty on their e-cigs while Blu cigs offer a year. You need to figure out which one is the best one for you.

Tip #5: Get only the best
Day by day, electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular. And because of this, everybody wants to get a fair share of the success and venture into the world of E-cigarettes. There’s a new brand almost every week in the market and if you are unfortunate, you may end up with an E-cig brand that is low in quality. So do your research first and choose only the best E-cigarette brands to try. Read E-cig reviews, e-cig forums and other materials in order to find out which ones are the best.

E-Cig Troubleshooting Guide: Battery Cut out Mid-Puff

smoking girl photography 300x168 E Cig Troubleshooting Guide: Battery Cut out Mid Puff

One of our site readers left us a message using our contact form asking for help. His dilemma is about his E-cig batteries getting cutoff in mid puff. If by any chance this also happens to you, consider taking shorter puffs on your E-cigs. If you take an exceptionally long inhale on your e-cig, there is a good chance that there is an automatic cut-off which prevents the battery from dying, and also the e-cig itself from overheating so just make smaller puffs. However, if you are not comfortable with smaller puffs, then trying another model – that is more powerful should be the best thing to do.

Do E-Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

quit smoking Do E Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are electronic devices made to look like real cigarettes. It also give the same feeling of smoking real cigarettes by producing a smoke-like vapor and a nice throat hit when the battery heats up the E-liquid contained in the cartridge. All in all, we can say that it is a healthier and better alternative to smoking because it doesnt contain all the thousands of chemicals real cigarettes contain and it doesnt burn anything so no tar and carcinogens are produce during the process. Still the million dollar questions is “Do they really help people quit smoking or are they just an added attraction for smoking”

The truth is that, more than half of electronic cigarette users, including me, claim that they have quit smoking and totally turned into vapers. Technically, if you do not smoke tobacco you should not be considered a smoker, so electronic cigarette users are technically not smokers. But they are still in the same act of smoking. So when people claim electronic cigarettes help them quit smoking, are they referring to smoking tobacco, or are they referring to the act of smoking? Our thoughts here is that, there is no problem with the act of smoking so why quit it. What you should quit is the device you are using on doing the act and this is why you people should switch to E-cigarettes. The term “smoker” is commonly associated with cigarette smoke, coughing, lung cancer, and emphysema. Not anymore! It’s time for people to distance vapers from smokers. Because they are way so much different. Same look on the outside but so different on the inside.

I’m still getting my daily dose of nicotine. I still have the same habits that I had when I was a tobacco smoker such as puffing after eating. I just do it in a different way like right now, I dont need to go outside a restaurant just to have a puff, I can simply light my E-cigarettes there because there will be no harm done.

So when it comes to claiming if electronic cigarettes can help quit smoking, it would be safe to say that we are not claiming that it will get rid of the bad habit – just the bad chemicals. And for us, that’s totally enough reason to switch to E-cigarettes as soon as possible.